Episode 1

EP1 - TimeCube

Published on: 5th June, 2021

Join Yale and Niall on their inaugural episode of Weird Wide Web, an exploration of the strange, unsettling, and bizarre corners of the web.

In the first episode, they go through the complicated conspiracy theory of TimeCube. Do you fully understand the time and its cubic nature? Come discover the theory that scientists and academia refuse to acknowledge!

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Weird Wide Web
A Deep Dive Into the Internet
A deep dive into the dark, strange, and out right bizarre corners of the web.

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Yale Gropman

Waisting away hours of the day tumbling down endless rabbit holes on the internet, Yale finally decided to put his useless information to 'good' use. Enlisting the help of his childhood friend Niall, the Weird Wide Web podcast was created. Yale is searching to find the most bizarre and complicated mysteries, creators, and events on the internet. Cataloging them in a lighthearted story-like series.